AI Policy

Guidelines for Use of Generative AI 

This policy notice for PAGECORP Inc. (doing business as CLICKON MEDIA GROUP) (“we,” “us,” or “our“), describes our commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for all its employees, viewers, and community members, including the responsible use of AI tools. 

This policy outlines the guidelines employees must follow when using any generative AI technology.  PAGECORP, Inc. recognizes and values the significant potential for generative AI and other emerging technologies to be powerful tools in the editorial, creative, and business processes. However, AI-generated content can distort and misrepresent information, lack context, and create convincing but false statements. 

Because AI content relies on piecing together information from various sites, it can also produce content that infringes on intellectual property rights and can create security risks. 

Therefore, it is essential that we ensure AI is used responsibly and helpfully, consistent with standards applied to our core business of impactful and trustworthy journalism. AI is not a replacement for independent, factual, accurate, and ethical reporting.  

Informing this policy are two core tenets:

 • We will prioritize the wellbeing of our viewers, employees, and communities over the benefits of AI use; and  

• All PAGECORP, Inc. -originated news content is to be created by humans. 

ALL AI vendors must be vetted and approved by a member of the PAGECORP, Inc. Legal Team and the PAGECORP, Inc. Technology Team. This includes services such as transcription, commercial scriptwriting, graphics/image development, and any use of AI-generated content. 

As vendors are approved for specific purposes, General Managers and department heads will be notified. If you have questions about whether a vendor is approved, please reach out to your Legal point of contact.  Employees who use an AI tool will be responsible for its appropriate and ethical use. 

PAGECORP, Inc. will make training available regarding existing risks with AI-tools. Any employee approved to use AI must have completed the training.  Users of AI tools are prohibited from sharing confidential or sensitive information with generative AI tools, including but not limited to employee identifying information, passwords, or other proprietary information. 

Employees who are appropriately trained to use an approved AI tool must protect their login credentials. When available, multi-factor authentication should be used for AI tools. AI tools will be evaluated regularly for fairness and bias. 

Only AI tools that give employees the ability to override AI-decisions will be approved for use. Human oversight must always be present with the use of any AI technology. AI vendors will be continuously evaluated to ensure they continue to align with our values and meet the needs of our business. 

PAGECORP Inc. will review this policy on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains relevant and effective. Employees are encouraged to provide feedback on this policy and suggest any changes or improvements. 

If you have questions or comments about this AI Policy, our privacy practices, or your dealings with us, you may email us at or contact us by post at:




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