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AJAX Auto Completer

1. AJAX AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field

AJAX Scripts - AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field : CSS . XHTML . Javascript . DOM, Development : Brand Spanking New

2. AJAX Autocompleter / script.aculo.us library

AJAX Scripts - script.aculo.us - web 2.0 javascript demos

3. AJAX AutoCompleter

AJAX Scripts - digitarald.de » Playground - Widget Birthplace

4. Ajax autosuggest/autocomplete from database

AJAX Scripts - Ajax autosuggest/autocomplete from database

5. Ajax dynamic list

AJAX Scripts - Ajax dynamic list

AJAX Instant Edit


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Calendar cards usually have the same structure: the month is designed in bold while the days are placed below within a rigid grid structure. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, there are a number of creative approaches one can consider when designing calendars.Creative Calendar Designs

Indeed, designers sometimes risk unique design solutions. However, unusual design is not necessarily a good design. It is important that your calendar design reveals function and remains usable. Function is more important than the design. In fact, some designs listed below may be not that user-friendly, but they may serve as a nice starting point and give you some fresh ideas for your future designs.

This post showcases creative examples of calendar design. We have tried to include creative, visually appealing and interesting design solutions. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting and unusual for herself or himself.

Category : Graphics | Blog