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Here you will find the best of best Ajax Tutorials like,ajax dynamiclist,ajax lightbox,mootools,jquery,ajax with ruby on rails,ajax with asp.net.

AJAX Client-Server Communication Tutorials

  1. Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1 - This tutorial tackles other Ajax techniques aside from XMLHttp as the means to describe the client-server communication.
  2. Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object - This tutorial tackles the steps of retrieving and submitting XML data directly through XMLHttpRequest object in the background.
  3. Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest - This tutorial provides the steps in using XMLHttpRequest with php and nysql.
  4. Make Asynchronous Requests with JavaScript and Ajax - This tutorial tackles the most fundamental and the basic of all Ajax-related objects and programming approaches, the XMLHttpRequest object.
  5. Instant Tutorial - This tutorial shows how Ajax allows you to make a call to an http server get its content and load them into your existing page without having to refresh the whole page.
  6. Advanced Requests and Response in AJAXR - This tutorial will show you the different status codes and demonstrate how browsers handle each and showcase the lesser used HTTP requests that you can make with Ajax. continue

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http://www.clickontech.net/photo_site/kandel/kandel.gifAmazon kindle 2 is anew wireless reading device have been developed lahttp://www.clickontech.net/photo_site/kandel/product.jpgtely by amazon.com just like screen to read every book ever printed in any language, you can read on it like real paper with clear text ,images and more than 270,000 books available, plus top newspapers, magazines, and blogs.Also you can store over 1500 book on it and travel without any problem and help you to look up for any word you don’t understand.

It’s slim and lighter than typical paperback and it fits perfectly in your hand and enhanced with wireless which allow to download from it any where any time and get the books in less than 60 minuets and you don’t have to recharge it for days. continue

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Useful AJAX Tutorials

Build an AJAX-Powered Shopping Cart
NETTUTS shows us how to build an AJAX-powered shopping cart using PHP, jQuery and some plug-ins.


AJAX Username Availability Checker Using MooTools 1.2
When allowing a user to register a username, you can use AJAX with MooTools to let them check the availability of the username being submitted. continue

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Google Ad Manager

If you are generating revenue off your website or blog, chances are you serve banner ads and they are either updated manually by adding the images and URLs into the source codes or with the help of external ad-serving scripts like OpenX or OIO Publishers.

Google has a similar web service, call the Google Ad Manager. In a nutshell, it is a simple (and free) web service that helps you manage banner ads. It also comes with a pretty complete inventory report module. Ad Manager integrates with AdSense, therefore webmasters have the ability to serve AdSense ads if there’s no banner for any particular slot. Here’s a quick look into advantages of Google Ad Manager: continue

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We’ve selected scripts of impressive slideshows, lightboxes and galleries you can use for effective presentations of your images.

  • Minishowcase
    Minishowcase is a small and simple php/javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX/JSON that lets you put easily your images in an online gallery, without having to configure databases or changing and customising code (though you may do it if you feel so) allowing to have an up-and-running gallery in a few minutes. continue

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This an article about installation D-Link DWA-100 Wireless Drive at Ubuntu Linux.

Download File rt73

Installation instructions for the Legacy rt73 http://images.us.ciao.com/ius/images/products/normal/271/product-10105271.jpgmodule
Build Instructions

1. Unpack the driver sources and go to the Module directory:
$ tar -xvzf rt73-cvs-daily.tar.gz
$ cd ./rt73-cvs-YYYYMMDDHH/Module

2. Compile the driver sources:
$ make

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Nope, this isn’t some crazy whitewall tire for your car. It’s actually a high-end wireless outdoor speaker which can be rolled around anywhere you want.

Viteo Freewheeler Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Designed by Ron Arad and Frances Pellisari for Austria’s Viteo, the Freewheeler produces high quality stereo sound indoors or out. The speaker measures in at about 22.8″ tall x 9.8″ wide, making it just about the same diameter as the tires on a Mazda MX-5 Miata (and about 2x as thick).


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